Alisa Clarke

President and Founder
Global Vision Institute


In this episode of the Professional Development podcast series, Alisa Clarke of the Global Vision Institute (GVI) joins co-host Andrew Koltun to discuss her Journal of International Organization Studies article “UN Organizational Culture, UN System Evolution and the United Nations of the 21st Century” What is organizational culture and with the priorities of the United Nations defined by Member states, why is the organizational culture of the UN so critical? How do the features of the UN’s organizational culture and institutional design foster institutional myopia, risk-aversion and competition? What can UN actors and leaders do to influence the internal culture of the UN to better position the organization to respond effectively to the needs of the 21st Century? Koltun and Clarke also discussion the Global Vision Institute and its programmes, including transformational workshops for UN teams and diplomats as well as the exciting GVI Photo Contest for Global Visionaries and UN Change Agents.

Please note, the September e-newsletter from GVI will be on the subject of the post-2015 development agenda, which will be covered by the UN that month.  GVI takes a values perspective, and it will make reference to a new article pending publication entitled “The premise/promise of well-being: human rights and the case for equality in the post-2015 development agenda”. It asserts the justiciability of the principles of well-being, adequacy, duty and community under international human rights law, while also noting that growing research and government policy-making demonstrates that adherence to these principles can be a path to well-being itself, thus compelling new action by both the under-privileged and privileged in the pursuit of equality.

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Ms. Alisa Clarke holds an M.Phil in International Relations and and began her career at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. She served as a UN staff member from 1997-2006 (UNITAR, UNRISD, UNCTAD and OHCHR) based in Switzerland, with global experience including as OIC of the OHCHR Regional Office for Southern Africa in South Africa and Acting Coordinator of the Action 2 Global Programme on human rights mainstreaming in the UN system in New York.

Ms. Clarke has developed the organization Global Vision Institute (GVI) and its predecessor initiatives since 2003. These have supported the fulfillment of UN universal values through individual and organizational awareness and change in and around the UN system. She is a periodic consultant with the UN on human rights and development; author on human rights, development, international relations and the UN; and a certified trainer, life coach and yoga teacher. Now based in New York, she works on GVI and on projects with the UN.


Recorded June 2014.
Feature Photo Credit: UN Photo.