Mr. Michael Emery
Director, Division for Human Resources, UNFPA (UN Population Fund)



Michael Emery Director, Division for Human Resources at UNFPA, outlines the key responsibilities of his role and the human resources division generally.  He explains the differences between transformational and transactional human resources, with UNFPA largely focused on the transformational aspect.  Transformational human resources includes training, talent management, development and career training, as well as monitoring HR trends through the use of work force metrics.  Emery explains that while there are common human resource challenges across the UN system, there are also unique challenges based on the different mandates of agencies.  Common problems are succession planning, recruitment of the right staff for specific functions, and the generational change in the work force. Emery describes the generational challenges as particularly dynamic due to the influx of generation X and Y into a baby boomer system. Emery also provides his thoughts on the importance of having the right people in the right job and the importance of performance management to address strong and weak performance.

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Michael Emery, Background
Michael Emery recently joined UNFPA as Director for the Division for Human Resources. Michael has served for more than 20 years with the United Nations and other international organizations and NGOs in New York, Geneva, West Africa, the Balkans and East Timor. Prior to joining UNFPA, Michael was the Director of Human Resources at the International organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva, after holding the position of Chief of Recruitment at UNDP, New York (2006-10). He served with the UN in various roles between 2000-2005 including as Chief of Peacekeeping’s Career Development Unit (2003-05) , Chief of the International Staff Unit (2002-03) , and Chief, Language and Training Unit (2000-02) based in East Timor. He also was Chief of the Training Management Unit, UNPROFOR/UN in the former Yugoslavia between 1994-1996.

Recorded December 2012