Dr. Alex Bielak
Senior Research Fellow (Freshwater Ecosystems Programme)

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Knowledge Management and Mobilization
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K* Conference 2012

Proceedings of a Special Workshop on Knowledge Translation and Brokering (2011)

Bielak, A. 2010. Knowledge Broker Stories: From Science to Science Communications to Knowledge Brokering. Weblog Entry, Knowledge Mobilization Works Blog. Posted March 25, 2010


Mount, D.C and A.T Bielak, 2011. Deep Words, Shallow Words: An Initial Analysis of Water Discourse in Four Decades of UN Declarations, UNU-INWEH, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 39 pg.

Bielak, A.T., J. Holmes, J. Savgård and K. Schaefer. 2009. A comparison of European and North American approaches to the management and communication of environmental research. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Report 5958. 132 pp.

Bielak, A.T., A. Campbell, S. Pope, K. Schaefer and L. Shaxson. 2008. From Science Communications to Knowledge Brokering: The Shift from Science Push to Policy Pull, p. 201-226. In D. Cheng, M. Claessens, T. Gascoigne, J. Metcalfe, B. Schiele and S. Shi (ed.), Communicating Science in Social Contexts: New models, new practices. Springer, Dordrecht.

Schaefer, K. and A.T. Bielak. 2006. Linking Water Science to Policy: Results from a Series of National Workshops on Water. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 113(1): 431-442.


Recorded February 2012