• The United Nations Human Security Unit (HSU) Department of Management has finalized its Terms of Reference for individual contractor to assist in strengthening and implementing unit’s outreach and resource mobilization efforts.
  • Interested candidates should create a Personal History Profile (PHP) on the Inspira website. To visit the website please click here
  • Applications must be sent to Sarah Aguirre ([email protected])
  • Deadline: 18 December 2017


1. Overall Objective

1.1       The Human Security Unit (HSU) is responsible for raising awareness and placing human security in the mainstream of UN activities. The specific objectives of the HSU are to: (a) expand political and financial support for human security and its implementation by the UN system and the international community; (b) advance the application of human security as a cross-cutting approach to promote peace, development and human rights at the policy and operational levels within and outside of the United Nations; and (c) manage the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS).

1.2       In view of the urgency of mobilizing resources for the UNTFHS as directed by the Advisory Board on Human Security in December 2017, a surge in the HSU’s activities as well as limited staff capacity to support these activities at a critical time for the HSU and UNTFHS (including the reduction of a post dedicated to public information and external relations), the main objective of the individual contractor is to assist the HSU in strengthening and implementing its resource mobilization and outreach strategy in line with the strategic objectives of the HSU. In particular, the contractor will support the objectives of expanding partnerships by undertaking targeted donor research, and mainstreaming and extending awareness of the approach based on evidence from UNTFHS programmes towards resource mobilization targets and through multiple outreach and communication strategies and platforms.

2. Background

2.1       The UNTFHS was established in March 1999. Through its support to 243 programmes in 95 countries, including regional programmes, the UNTFHS has played an important role in translating the human security approach into practical actions that have helped strengthen the human security of the most vulnerable communities and people around the world. Programmes funded through the UNTFHS have brought together the combined expertise of the United Nations system and have allowed United Nations implementing organizations to tackle widespread and crosscutting threats affecting people in all regions.

2.2       In view of the alignment of the human security approach and its application through the UNTFHS with the Secretary-General’s reform agenda, the HSU and UNTFHS are at a critical juncture with regard to their future trajectory within and impact on the reformed UN system. To this end, the HSU is further focusing its efforts on deepening targeted and innovative donor research, expanding partnerships globally and in countries of programme implementation, and enhancing the quality of evidence-based outreach documents and methods to realize its goals of expanding the donor base of the UNTFHS, mainstreaming human security in the activities of the United Nations and extending global awareness of the approach and its application.

3. Overarching Objectives of Contract

3.1       As noted, a critical aspect of the 2018 workplan is expanding the donor base of the UNTFHS, with outreach and knowledge management closely interlinked in support of this goal. A key component of these activities is in-depth, evidence-based and targeted donor research that informs a strong outreach strategy, effectively utilizing multiple communication platforms and techniques, promoting compelling and timely material, and linking with key global priorities of the United Nations system and the international community, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, the Sustaining Peace agenda, among others.

3.2       Of particular importance is outreach to prospective donors supplemented with tailored materials that closely align with their interests and priorities; ongoing monitoring of donor interests through their engagement in activities and meetings at the United Nations and other global fora, social media accounts, and official statements and contributions to issues of relevance to human security; the development of customized advocacy materials based on the lessons learned and best practices in the application of human security through the UNTFHS; and stronger outreach through multiple platforms with partners in New York as well as other international and regional bodies, national governments, and local stakeholders and networks. These efforts will support the success of all resource mobilization efforts based on the interlinked policy advocacy, programme management and communications activities of the HSU.

4. Duties, responsibilities, and delivery schedule

The contractor will:

  • Assist the Chief of the HSU and the Public Information/Resource Mobilization Officer in the implementation of the Unit’s resource mobilization and outreach strategy through undertaking in-depth donor research and monitoring of trends in the donor community of interest to human security and the UNTFHS;
  • Assist the Public Information/Resource Mobilization Officer in strengthening donor-related information management system and maintaining up-to-date information on potential donors for use in the development of targeting communication and briefing materials, as noted below;
  • Provide inputs to the Public Information/Resource Mobilization Officer and other HSU staff to develop more targeted outreach, communication, and briefing materials for senior management related to resource mobilization activities of the HSU, ABHS and SASG, as required throughout the contract period;
  • Assist in adjusting UNTFHS outreach materials for posting into social media, web-based and online communication platforms, including e-Newsletters and briefs, as required throughout the contract period;
  • Assist in ensuring widespread dissemination to raise awareness and participation in key human security events during the contract period.
  • Identify new web-based and social media avenues for broadening dissemination challenges and increasing the impact of the HSU/UNTFHS outreach and communication efforts with the UN system, with member States, and beyond the UN;
  • Assist in collecting data aiming at evaluating the impact of new communications tools deployed.

Towards the end of the consultancy, the consultant will provide a draft report on the outcomes of the strategy to strengthen resource mobilization through an integrated partnership, outreach and programme approach, for review by the Chief of the HSU and the Public Information/Resource Mobilization Officer.

5. Evaluation criteria

5.1 Educational Qualifications and experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree in development policy, international relations, communications or related field is required.
  • Experience in and knowledge of the application of the human security approach at the United Nations or within intergovernmental organizations, national governments and/or civil society organizations.
  • Experience with the United Nations common system is desirable.

5.2 Competencies

  • Knowledge and familiarity with the human security approach, including the reports of the Secretary-General on human security, the debates surrounding human security within and outside the United Nations, as well as the outreach materials of the HSU and UNTFHS;
  • Ability to develop creative and innovative materials to strengthen strategic partnerships and awareness raising of the added value of human security and UNTFHS supported initiatives;
  • Demonstrated writing skills related to policy-oriented communication and outreach activities for web-based and social media platforms, preferably within the UN and/or other multilateral organizations.

6. Reporting line

The consultant will work closely with the Public Information/Resource Mobilization Officer and the Chief of the HSU. The Public Information/Resource Mobilization Officer will be the first reporting officer and supervisor, and the Unit Chief will be the second reporting officer.

7. Duration of contract

The consultancy will commence on 15 January 2018 and will end on 29 June 2018 (6 months).

8. Contract value and payment schedule

The payment will be $3,867 on a monthly basis.

The contractor will be based in the HSU Office in New York. The HSU will not cover expenses related to visa and travel to/from the duty station for the duration of this contract. However, the UN will provide the documentation required to support the contractor’s visa application.

The contractor will be responsible for providing health statement confirming that he/she is responsible for obtaining health insurance coverage at their own expense and proof that their medical or health insurance covers medical evacuation and treatment.

9. Unpublished information

The contractor shall not communicate to any person, Government or other entity external to the HSU any unpublished information acquired during the performance of his or her obligations under the present ToR with the HSU except upon written authorization by the HSU. This provision shall survive the expiration of this contract.

10. Copyright

All material produced under this contract will be under the copyrights of the United Nations.