ACUNS accepts requests to share opportunities with the ACUNS community. ACUNS shares calls for papers, calls for awards and grants, conference and event listings, courses and training listings, internship and job opportunities. We welcome inquires about listing opportunities that do not fit one of the listed categories.

ACUNS opportunity posts consist of a 150-300 word summary, contact information for the opportunity organizer, and a link to either your website or a pdf hosted on our website for more information. In addition, our web content is posted with a feature image that requires an image file with the dimensions of at least 600 pixels in width and at least 300 pixels in height. Submitted pictures can be larger than these dimensions and will be scaled down by ACUNS. Previous submissions have used their institutions’ logos, a poster, or a high quality picture of their institutions’ buildings/campus.

To request that ACUNS share you or your institution’s opportunity, please contact [email protected] with the above content.