On occasion of our fifth anniversary we would like to invite you to participate in our online survey on the state of the art of UN Studies. With this online poll we would like to re-address one of UNSA’s key concerns: to jointly develop a concept of UN Studies based on an analysis of deficits and potentials. For this purpose, we have prepared a questionnaire on the state of the art, shortcomings and desiderata of UN Studies.
We invite all interested parties to take five minutes to answer the questions. With your participation you would make a valuable contribution towards advancing and promoting UN Studies worldwide. All results of this anonymous poll will be posted on our website.

How to participate:

About UNSA:
The UNSA is an informal working group of UN practitioners and academics, dedicated to actively create and promote UN Studies as an interdisciplinary, UN-focused field of studies. The purpose of the association is to foster collaboration on UN Studies-related issues and raise awareness about this new field of study.

UNSA activities at a glance:

  • Organizing workshops and conference panels. In the past, we have addressed issues such as shortcomings of current UN research and teaching; how a UN Studies master curriculum might look like; or, how to build bridges between theory and practice / academics and practitioners.
  • Our web portal offers information around past and future UNSA projects. Learn more about our activities at www.unstudies.org.
  • Our Online Social Community UNSAnet is open to all those, who want to to search for and get connected with like-minded people in the field of UN Studies; it also allows members to share research and teaching material with others.
  • Our open access Journal of International Organizations Studies (JIOS, www.journal-iostudies.org) provides a platform for the exchange of new ideas, approaches and theories on International Organizations.
  • We offer a newsletter service. To receive our newsletter, please register at www.unstudies.org.

Thank you for your contribution! We look forward to hearing from you, Julia Harfensteller & Henrike Landré, Co-Chairs, UNSA