Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative and UBC


Areas of Expertise
Civil Society, Climate Change, Environment, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Sustainable Development

Region of Focus
Europe, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa

Temitope Onifade has lived and practiced law in the notorious Niger Delta where he learnt about environmental issues, igniting his interest in sustainability. Pursuing this interest, he is currently a research associate with Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative at Oxford. Previously, he was a research associate with Social Impact Firm, research fellow at University of Calgary, lecturer at Memorial University, policy researcher with the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, and lawyer in Nigeria. He’s contributed to several policies, journals and books.

Temi has served a term as an elected UBC Senator, sitting on the appeals and library boards. He directs the “Community Sustainability Global” project ( — an international partnership that brings NGOs, experts, social enterprises, governments and others together to enlighten communities on sustainability, teach sustainability skills and cut back on unsustainable practices. He also co-founded and has coordinated the UBC Liu Institute Network for Africa ( —a multidisciplinary group of over 70 graduate students, postgrads and postdocs, professors and others—facilitating projects on global issues affecting Africa, most notably the environment-development nexus. He advocates for climate action, Africa and minorities as a co-host on Vancouver Coop Radio.

He is a grateful recipient of Canada’s top government doctoral award, the Vanier CGS, for his PhD at UBC. He’s also been awarded a Bombardier CGS, an International Doctoral Fellowship and other awards at UBC. Outside UBC, he’s received the IBA Scholarship for Energy and Natural Resources Law and other awards.

Recent Publications
• Onifade, TT. (2019) “Environmental Law in Africa’s Non-renewable Extractive Sectors” in Worika IL, Olivier ME & Maduekwe NC [Eds], The Environment, Legal Issues and Critical Policies: An African Perspective 229 (LexisNexis)

• Olawuyi, DS & Onifade, TT. (2018) “Promoting Functional Distributive Justice in the Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund System: Lessons from Alaska and Norway” in C Eboe-Osuji and E Emeseh, eds, The Nigerian Yearbook of International Law 317 (Springer)

• Onifade, TT. (2017) “Regulating Natural Resource Funds” 6(2) Global J of Comparative Law 138 (Brill)

• Onifade, TT. (2017) “Alberta, Canada, Royalty Review and Its Lessons for Resource Economies” 35(2) J of Energy and Natural Resources Law 171 (Taylor & Francis)

• Onifade, TT. (2016) “Hybrid Renewable Energy Support Policy in the Power Sector: The Contracts for Difference and Capacity Market Case Study” 95 Energy Policy 390 (Elsevier)

• Onifade, TT. (2015) “Peoples-based Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources: Toward Functional Distributive Justice?” 16(4) Human Rights Review 343 (Springer)

• Onifade, TT. (2015) “Global Clues for Choosing Suitable Support Systems for Renewable Energy in the Power Sector” 6(1) Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review 25 (Lexxion)