Nico Schrijver – 2012 Friends of ACUNS Book Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that the 2012 Friends of ACUNS Biennial Book Award has been awarded to Nico Schrijver their book on Development Without Destruction: The UN and Global Resource Management (Indiana University Press, 2010).

Since 1945, the UN has been actively engaged in conceptualizing strategies for both economic development and a sustainable environment. From a broad historical perspective, Development without Destruction sketches the role played by organizations and individuals in the UN system in developing and consolidating principles of international law and international governance with respect to natural resource management. Nico Schrijver highlights the UN’s efforts to generate and implement strategies to resolve tensions between economic development and environmental protection, conservation and exploitation, sovereignty and internationalism, and armed conflict and peaceful access to natural resources. Schrijver’s thorough analysis is an indispensable guide to management of the critical environmental issues on today’s global agenda.

About the Author
Nico Schrijver holds the Chair of International Law and is Academic Director of the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University. He is author of The Evolution of Sustainable Development in International Law: Inception, Meaning, and Status and Sovereignty over Natural Resources: Balancing Rights and Duties.




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