Following the completion of a vigorous, competitive, and open search process, ACUNS is very pleased to announce the new editorial team and host institution for the journal Global Governance for volumes 2014-2018.

The new editorial team features Ramesh Thakur (Australian National University) as editor-in-chief; and as editors, Monica del Carmen Serrano Carreto (El Colegio de Mexico), Brian Job (University of British Columbia), and Diana Tussie (FLACSO-Argentina).  The Colorado-based editorial office will be hosted by the One Earth Future Foundation (OEF), an NGO whose mandate is to support research and practice in  the area of effective peaceful governance. OEF’s Roberta Spivak will serve as the journal’s full-time managing editor.

In partnership with Lynne Rienner Publishers (co-founder and publisher of the journal), ACUNS, and OEF, the new team looks forward to upholding and further developing the profile of Global Governance as an indispensable resource and outlet for original work and interpretive essays for scholars and practitioners of the United Nations, multilateralism, and global governance. The new editors have already begun their work, and submissions for the 2014 issue are now being accepted at [email protected]

ACUNS and Lynne Rienner Publishers would like to take this opportunity to thank the current editorial team at Denver University: Editors Tom Farer and Timothy Sisk, Managing Editor Matthew Klick, and Assistant Managing Editor Jessica Harig.