About MIBA
Myanmar International Business Academy (MIBA) is a leading private business school in Myanmar founded in 2015. MIBA offers quality service that consistently operates on and value added education courses to the students in Myanmar.

The first center was established in Yangon on February 2015 and the second education center was extended in Mandalay on June 2016 . The third campus was established in Yangon on November 2017 and we will extend more campuses in Mandalay and Nay Pyi Daw .

MIBA is committing academy which offers different business and management certificates up to master level degree programs (MBA courses, diploma courses, certificate courses, certified courses, etc.) and serving generations of learners from all backgrounds. As a prominent private management school in Myanmar, MIBA aim to create well-rounded and socially responsible leaders who receive international recognized certificates, understand the global trend, and know how to run international operations successfully.

To be able to meet with this vision, MIBA built global networks by offering full spectrum of international demanding programs which create and disseminate new knowledge through research and education.

Currently, MIBA is collaborating with well recognized United Kingdom , Switzerland , Malaysia based Universities and institutions .

The unique spectrum of MIBA includes serving the students by teaching them critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills, and the value of a commitment to positive attitude; and contributing to the broader educational and social missions by pushing back the frontier of knowledge in business and by organizing education corporate social responsibility programs.

Established 2015

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