Associate Professor
University of California, Los Angeles


Areas of Expertise
Global Food Security, Poverty and Inequality, Millennium Development Goals, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Humanitarian Response, International Development, Women, Peace and Security, Health, Global Governance

Region of Focus
Sub-Saharan Africa

Education: PhD, SUNY at Buffalo, NY.

Areas: Comparative and International Education; Nutrition and Health; Girls and Women’s Empowerment.

Recent Publications
Omwami, E. & Foulds, K. 2014. The persisting challenge of age-for-grade non-compliance in post-free primary education in Kenya. Development in Practice 25(6): 832-842.

Omwami, E. 2014. Agentive role of government in African education: North Nyanza, 1890-1920. Journal of Educational Administration & History 46(4): 405-423.

Omwami, E. M. 2014. Intergenerational comparison of education attainment and implications for empowerment of women in rural Kenya. Gender, Place & Culture 22(8): 1106-1122.

Omwami, E. M., Neumann, C., & Bwibo, N. 2011. Effects of a school feeding intervention on school attendance rates among elementary schoolchildren in rural Kenya. Nutrition: International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences 27(2): 188-193.

Omwami, E. M. & Keller, E. J. 2010. Public funding and budgetary challenges to providing universal primary education in sub-Saharan Africa. International Review of Education 56(1): 5-31.