Ian Urbina
New York Times Reporter

ACUNS member Ian Urbina is writing an investigative series, “The Outlaw Ocean,” on the crime and violence prevalent on the high seas. In this latest installment, “Maritime ‘Repo Men’: A Last Resort for Stolen Ships,” Urbina navigates the complexities of retrieving stolen vessels. These hired “repo men” work in international territories—often needing to get the ships to international waters where local jurisdiction does not apply. Their work connects to the broader themes of “The Outlaw Ocean” series as “Tens of thousands of boats or ships are stolen around the world each year, and many become part of a global “phantom fleet” involved in a broad range of crimes.” Urbina addresses the complexities of this profession, which aims to return stolen property but is not without its opponents.

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Feature Image Credit: Josué Azor for The New York Times