Eunsook Chung Lecturer,
Harare Institute of Technology


Areas of Expertise
Information Security, Cyber Forensics and Cyber Crime

Region of Focus
Sub-Saharan Africa

Tendai Marengereke is a Lecturer for Information Security and Assurance at the Harare Institute of Technology in Zimbabwe. He holds a Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Information Security and Cyber Forensics from SRM University, India.
He is also a part-time researcher for the popular data mining and link analysis software company Maltego Technologies, where he researches on Cybersecurity, Cyber-crime and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations. He has participated and contributed to numerous cyber policy and scholarly discourses on Cybersecurity, cyber forensics and OSINT in Africa.
He was awarded the Korean Government Scholarship, which resulted in a yearlong Computer Science academic exchange at Daejeon University, South Korea in August 2011 –Aug 2012. He is also a Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Fellow. He is also actively involved in the Python Programming Community, Python is the language that behind a lot of current innovations. He is a Django Software Foundation Individual Member, nominated for his contributions to the Django community in Africa. He was part of the team that organised and hosted PyCon Zimbabwe 2016 – 2018. He has been a workshop trainer at PyCon Namibia 2017, PyCon Zimbabwe 2016-2017 and the first pan-African PyCon Africa 2019 in Ghana.
Tendai has published and presented at numerous conferences in many countries such as Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, India, South Korea and Malaysia. He is currently a PhD student with Namibia University of Science & Technology, focusing on the identification of cyber threats on the internet using OSINT

Recent ACUNS Activity

Panelist of Cybersecurity at ACUNS Annual Meeting 2019


Updated August, 2019