iStock_000061863420XLarge-e1444323729474-1300x500ACUNS member Francesco Mancini has published an article at the International Peace Institute (IPI) on “Managing Change at the United Nations: Lessons from Recent Initiatives.” In this article, Mancini discusses the question of managing reform in the United Nations and thirteen recommendations for effectively managing reform. These recommendations are based on a detailed study of the history of reform as well as a close examination of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Change Plan. The history of UN reform is presented as five waves of reform: An Agenda for Peace and a More Action-Oriented Approach; Institutional Change; The Millennium Declaration, the Brahimi Report, and the Challenges of Globalization; The World Summit Outcome Document and a Move toward Long-Term Reform; and The Strengthening of Peacekeeping, Political Affairs, and Development Agendas.

Anyone interested in United Nations reform can download the report at the International Peace Institute website.