The Global Governance discussion series provides a forum for scholars and policy makers to forge new partnerships and share information. Each discussion is inspired by an article from the Global Governance journal. This was the launch of a new Global Governance discussion series on global policy at UNOG.

  • Date: Monday, June 15 | 12:00-13:30
  • Location: Library, Palais des Nations. United Nations Office at Geneva
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Research Summary 
Sarah B.K. von Billerbeck, author

The right to self-determination is a key principle in the United Nations’ charter. This right holds even where political, social, or economic systems are marked by “inadequacy.” In principle, the UN is committed to local ownership in its peace operations in post-conflict states as well. By protecting the host country’s self-determination and minimizing the degree of external imposition, it believes that local ownership renders peacebuilding more legitimate and sustainable. If peace is imposed on local actors, the thought is that it will be perceived as illegitimate and will likely fail once the UN departs. Read More