• Title: Popular Geopolitics: Reproducing Enemies in the So-Called War on Terror
  • When: Wednesdays, 8 April – 13 May
  • Time: 2:30 – 4:20 PM
  • Price: $70.00


 The newspaper articles we read, the evening newscast we tune in to, the movies and TV shows we view. Much of this media contains a discourse that can portray the Muslim world as “other”— a culture and faith that is rooted in terror and inherently bent on the destruction of the peace and freedom we enjoy in thewestern world. This course will closely examine the geopolitical discourse that we are exposed to in thepost-9/11 context that we live. Particular focus will be given to the examination of Islam and the “war onterror” narrative, dissecting the importance of understanding the encoded rhetoric that influences ourunderstanding of the culture, politics and priorities of the “other.”

JEREMY KOWALSKI has a PhD from York University. He specializes in critical geopolitics, terrorism andpolitical violence. Jeremy lectures in Laurier’s Department of Anthropology, teaching courses on violenceand terrorism.

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