garcia-lectureDenise Garcia
Professor, Northeastern University

Lectures organized by ACUNS Member, Denise Garcia on security issues.

Location: Brussels

December 2016 – Remaining Challenges for Demining Operations Worldwide (mines and all explosive weapons)

Location: At NorthEastern University in Boston

September 29 –Shifts in International Relations: the Impact of the Cyber-Realm
October 6 –Rape During Civil War
November 3 –  The Rise of the Machines? – Examining Lethal Autonomous Weapons
November 17 –  Transnational Threats and the Role of 21st Century Border Management


February 23 – Navigating the Global Food Fight: Is Free Trade Compatible with Food Security
March 8 – Social Capital and Human Security
April 13 and 14 – Europe’s Parallel Foreign Policy: The Ukraine-Russia Crisis

Location: UN Geneva

TBD, June 2016. In the context of the Annual Northeastern Uni. Course on Global Governance of Security with UNIDIR.

For detailed information on speakers, download (pdf)

Interested people kindly contact: [email protected]