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Laura Zanotti, Frencesco Manca, and Max Stephenson are the authors of “United Nations Invocations of the ‘Responsibility to Protect,’ State Sovereignty and State Actions”

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FrancescoManca Francesco Manca,
Deputy Director (ret.) for the Political and Civil Affairs office of  UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon)
In a span of more than a quarter of a century at the UN, Francesco Manca has taken part in many projects and assignments at both UN Headquarters and in the field in areas such as economic development, electoral assistance, human rights, peacemaking and peacekeeping.  He has held political and managerial responsibilities in a number of UN peacekeeping missions in Central America, the Balkans, Tajikistan, East Timor, Sierra Leone and in the Middle East. During his long career he has often been invited to deliver lectures and speeches to numerous academic and professional forums in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.


LauraZanotti Laura Zanotti,
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at Virginia Tech.Her research and teaching include critical international relations theory, as well as international organization, security, peacekeeping and democratization.  Prior to joining VT, Dr. Zanotti worked for ten years at the United Nations, where she served both in administration and as a political advisor for Peacekeeping Operations.


Max Stephenson, Associate Professor, School of Pub & Internet Affairs Max Stephenson, Jr.
Professor of Public and International Affairs and the Director of the Institute for Policy and Governance at Virginia Tech.Stephenon’s current research interests include international politics, NGOs and international development, peacebuilding and humanitarian relief.