150px-CTBTO_Preparatory_Commission_logoLassinaZerboExecutive Secretary, Lassina Zerbo, gave the Opening Speech at the at the 2016 Vienna UN Conference, New Approaches for a Peaceful and More Sustainable World. 2016 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and in his speech Zerbo discusses the ongoing importance of the Treaty.  Referring to recent nuclear tests in North Korea, Zerbo highlighted the active role of the CTBT:

“It is worth stopping to think about what a game changer the CTBT still is. Last Wednesday at 02.30 hours Vienna time, stations of the International Monitoring System established under the Treaty detected unusual seismic activity in North Korea. Shortly afterwards the DPRK announced that a nuclear test had been conducted. We went on to provide our Member States with automated and reviewed data on the event well within the short timelines provided for by the Treaty. We held a briefing on the initial data just hours after the event, and a full meeting of the Preparatory Commission, our governing body, was held the following day. Meanwhile, condemnation of the announced nuclear test resounded throughout the world. The Security Council met to discuss steps to take.”

Zerbo further emphasizes the need to reflect on the CTBT and its continued influence.

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