Land Grabbing and Global Governance

Matias E. Margulis, Nora McKeon & Saturnino M. Borras Jr. (Guest Eds.)

globalizations journalGlobalizations  vol. 10, issue 1, 2013.

The special issue provides a framework for analyzing land grabbing as struggle for control over local pieces of land concurrent with global processes and the operations of transnational regulatory institutions. Analyzing the present land rush from a global/transnational perspective, it highlights the ever greater flows of capital, goods, and ideas across borders and argues that these flows occur through axes of power that are far more polycentric than those of the North-South imperialist tradition.

The special issue features contributions from scholars and from global civil society activists engaged in the present contests to regulate land grabs through global governance instruments. It will be of interest to both of these categories, as well as to policy makers and practitioners. The introductory essay is followed by 8 original research articles and 5 reviews of specific transnational instruments to regulate land grabs.

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