2000px-OSCE_logo.svgLamberto ZannierSecretary General, Lamberto Zannier, gave the Keynote Speech at the 2016 Vienna UN Conference, New Approaches for a Peaceful and More Sustainable World. In his speech, Zannier discussed “a few reflections from an OSCE perspective on the role of Regional Organizations in Promoting Regional Security and Sustainable Development.” This perspective included the idea that “Ensuring lasting peace, security and stability for more than a billion people in our 57 participating States in Europe, Asia and North America is a major OSCE objective. In the face of such challenges, as well as growing transnational and global threats, regional organizations like the OSCE must step up their efforts to co-operate more effectively to maintain peace and security. In line with their respective mandates and comparative advantages, international and regional organizations should increase their co-ordination to ensure an effective division of labour, efficient use of resources and to create new synergies.” Zannier further addresses the complexity of security, the OSCE’s partnership with the UN, and offers insight into the SDGs.

Zannier’s entire keynote speech is available for download hereĀ  PDF Download Button