Associate Professor & Head, Department of Political Science
S.D. College, Ambala Cantt affiliated to Kurukshetra University


Areas of Expertise
Human Rights, Global Governance, Peace and Security, Regional Specialization, Women’s Rights, Electoral Assistance, Ethics and Leadership, Peacebuilding

Region of Focus
Central and South Asia

Dr Ramesh Kumar, Associate Professor & Head, Deptt of Political Science, S.D. College, Ambala Cantt, India, has significantly contributed in academics, administrative, research, editorial and extension activities.

Throughout his career of 28+ years, he has influenced various youth via teaching, seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, extension lectures, National Service Schemes, Rotary Clubs, organising rallies & campaigns on social issues, mock youth parliament, educational tours (for sustaining the motto of unity in diversity and youth awareness). He has participated and presented papers in various local/regional/national and international seminars/conferences /workshops/colloquiums/trainings and meetings etc.

He has experienced and dealt with issues & insights related to Society, State and System viz. casteism, communalism, corruption, criminalisation, power structure, rural development, women empowerment, good governance, youth and nation-building, regionalisation of politics, identity politics, minority politics, democracy, decentralisation and electoral politics etc. via teaching, research, administrative, extension activities, editorial assignments and National Service Scheme etc.

Besides, he is involved in public affairs as well as research dealing with the major issues in contemporary politics and society. Moreover, he has been associated with Non-Governmental Organisations aiming for rural-urban upliftment through spreading the knowledge for health, nutrition, child rearing practices, women empowerment, dalit & minority issues, youth awareness and human rights etc.

Recent Publications
Regionalisation of Politics in India, New Delhi, Mohit Publications, 1996, +P. 192

Elites and Power Structure in Rural India, New Delhi, Mohit Publications, 2004, +P. 132