Senior Lecturer in International Politics
Northumbria UniversityEditor-in-Chief
Journal of International Organizations Studies


Areas of Expertise
International Affairs, Human Rights, Peace & Security, International Law, Comparative Politics, International Organizations, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development, The Global South, The Responsibility to Protect, Multilateralism Regimes

Kirsten Haack is a Senior Lecturer in International Politics in the Department of Social Sciences at Northumbria University, UK. She studied Social Science at the University of Bochum, Germany, International Conflict Analysis and International Relations at the University of Kent, UK (MA, PhD) and holds a Master in Education from the Open University. As part of the UN Studies Association (UNSA), a working group associated with ACUNS, Dr. Haack founded the Journal of International Organizations Studies (JIOS) and currently acts as Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Haack’s research interests include international organizations in general and the United Nations in particular, focusing on institutional design, the generation and development of ideas and knowledge within IOs, leadership (UN Secretary-General, women), (regional) integration and democratization.

Recent Publications

Kirsten Haack, ‘The UN Secretary-General and self-directed leadership: Development of the democracy agenda’ in Oestreich, J. (ed.) International organizations as self-directed actors: from theory to practice (2012).

Kirsten Haack, “Zwischen Stabilität, Visionen und Krisenmanagement. Ban Ki-moons erste Amtszeit als Generalsekretär’ [Between stability, visions and crisis management. Ban Ki-moon’s first term in office as Secretary-General],” Vereinte Nationen, 60 (4) (2012).

Kirsten Haack, “International Organizations Studies: views from the United Nations and the European Union” Journal of International Organizations Studies 2 (1)  (2011).

Recent ACUNS Activity

Kirsten Haack, “Breaking barriers? Women’s representation and leadership at the United Nations”. Global Governance, 20 (1) (2014)

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