Ms. Angela Kane

High Representative for Disarmament Affairs



In this episode of the ACUNS Current Issues Podcast, Angela Kane, High Representative for the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs (UN ODA), joins co-host Alistair Edgar to discuss the recent disarmament of chemical weapons in Syria and the steps involved in the successful investigation process. Kane provides insight on ODA’s involvement in building support for the recently signed Arms Trade Treaty, the rapid development of the ATT and what she foresees as the next steps for ODA in strengthening international commitment to the terms of the Arms Trade Treaty. Kane also discusses ODA’s next priorities including: the 2015 NPT Review Conference, a WMD-free Middle East and the further development of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTB).

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The Non-Proliferation, Disarmament, Arms Control and Export Control Policy Division of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs will release its Call for Applications for the graduate scholarship and conference program, in November 2014. As soon as it is available, ACUNS will disseminate the Call via our web site and E-Update, as well as with a featured Professional Development podcast.

About Angela Kane
Ms. Angela Kane of Germany assumed the position of High Representative for Disarmament Affairs in March 2012. She provides the Secretary-General with advice and support on all arms control, non-proliferation and related security matters and is responsible for the activities of the Office for Disarmament Affairs. Ms. Kane has had a long and distinguished career in the United Nations. In addition to substantive assignments in political affairs, peacekeeping and disarmament, she has held various managerial functions, including with financial and policy-setting responsibility. She served as Under-Secretary-General for Management from 2008-2012, overseeing human resources, financial management, procurement and support services and the renovation of the United Nations New York Headquarters campus.

From 2005 to 2008, Ms. Kane served as Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, a core function related to the prevention and resolution of conflicts. Her geographic responsibilities included all regions except Africa. Previously, she had served as the Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management. Her field experience includes Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), a special assignment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and postings in Indonesia and Thailand. Ms. Kane also held the positions of Director in the Department of Political Affairs and Director in the Department of Public Information. She served as Principal Political Officer with former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and worked with the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General for the Central American Peace Process. Ms. Kane worked on disarmament issues for several years and was responsible for the activities of the World Disarmament Campaign.

Ms. Kane was educated at the University of München, Bryn Mawr College and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Correction Notes

1. The OPCW and WHO provided experts to the United Nations for the investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

2. Ms. Kaag is a Dutch national working for the United Nations.

Recorded October 2014
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