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Anis H book

In this monograph of essays, the author has skillfully blended history, evolutionary biology, geopolitics, international law and foreign policies,technology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, informatics, astrophysics and cognitive science, and analyzes all together with a complex uptake and digestion of the contemporary issues within the world today. Anis Bajrektarevic is one of the few that can undertake this complex analysis successfully and this is the hallmark of his fabulously novel perspectives that he is able to put into any subject. If the “world is flat” today, it is mostly in the field of ideas, with the single (over-)dominant narrative. However, Anis Bajrektarevic’s writings are more than just a counter-narrative. This monograph is a tribute to transdisciplinary thinking, the future of intellectual thought in geopolitical discipline of which Bajrektarevic is in the vanguard. His approach to geopolitics and style is one that will be emulated by many others in thefuture, if we only wish to reverse the ruling trend of compartmentalizing and alienating the science. The very title of the book is a provocative challenge to the reader to think about what is happening, questioning our accepted norms before the cover is opened.

About Anis H. Bajrektarevic

Anis HFormer legal practitioner and the president of Young Lawyers Association of BiH Bar
(late 1980s). Former MFA official and career diplomat (early 1990s). Senior Legal
Officer and Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Vienna of the Intergovernmental Organization ICMPD (1990s). Attached to the IMC University of Austria as a Professor and Chairman for International Law and Global Political Studies (2000s). For past 15 years, he taught subjects of Geo-political Affairs, International Law (including International Relations, Law of IOs and EU Law) and Sustainable Development (Institutions and Instruments of). Professor Anis Bajrektarevic is the author of  dozens presentations, publications, speeches, seminars, research colloquiums as well as of numerous public events (round tables & study trips, etc.). His writings are frequently published on all five continents (in over 50 countries and in 20 languages). He lives in Vienna, Austria.

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