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Ian Hurd, International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice, Third Edition (Cambridge University Press: 2017).

Now in its third edition, this leading undergraduate textbook has been revised and updated throughout to take account of recent developments in world politics. Concise and engagingly written, the book is core reading for courses on international organizations, international law and politics, and global governance. Unlike other textbooks in the field, it takes readers behind the scenes of the world’s most important international institutions to explore their legal authority and the political controversies that they generate. It presents chapter-length case studies of the world’s leading international organizations, with attention to the legal, political, and practical aspects. The new edition adds depth to the discussion of international relations theory and features new case material on Brexit, the Argentine sovereign debt, the Syrian war, the cholera epidemic in Haiti, and more.

  • Revised and updated throughout to take account of recent developments in world politics to see the changing law and politics of international organizations
  • Includes new material on subjects such as Brexit, the Argentine sovereign debt, the Syrian war and the cholera epidemic in Haiti
  • Up-to-date, topical and extensive case studies show students how each international organization works in practice, and chapters end with a list of discussion questions to guide student discussion, suggestions for further reading and excerpts from key legal documents

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About the Author
Ian Hurd is associate professor of political science at Northwestern University. He is the author of How to Do Things with International Law (Princeton), After Anarchy (Princeton), and International Organizations.