Paulette Lloyd
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology; faculty member, International Studies Program, Indiana University


Paulette Lloyd is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, and core faculty member of International Studies Program at Indiana University.  She attended the Marrakesh conference in 2011 as an ACUNS representative and shares what she learned as an attendee and what she feels the value is in having such conferences.  Lloyd views conferences as essential to legal cooperation as they provide a venue for all stakeholders, including IGOs and NGOs, to meet and report on lessons learned and provide new initiatives.  Additionally, she notes that international conferences encourage ratification and implementation of legal agreements and frameworks.   Coming together allows for delegates to work towards consensus on norms and principles that underline international legal agreements in addition to defining factors that might impede international cooperation.  Lloyd provides her thoughts on the benefits of personal relationships and trust which can only develop so far in the virtual world.  She makes clear that there is a distinct value to  communicating in person, and that often, spontaneous encounters which would be impossible online, allow for the some of the most prosperous dialogue.

Fourth session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption

Recorded December 2011