ACUNS members around the world include senior and junior scholars, international organization officers, national government and NGO representatives, and other practitioners, of many different disciplines and diverse areas of expertise related to the United Nations, and global governance. As such, our global network also offers a unique resource pool of knowledge and experience – an epistemic community – that can be, and is, drawn upon by other members as well as by external organizations and agencies seeking contributions of research, advice and understanding of many contemporary and historical matters.

Current European privacy regulations do not allow ACUNS to disclose individual members’ personal information without their prior permission. Members may, however, choose to participate in the ACUNS Expert Directory. The directory is intended to provide journalists and other researchers with basic information about ACUNS members who can provide informed analysis and commentary on the United Nations, multilateralism, global governance, international cooperation and a wide range of related topical areas. Our global membership includes individuals and institutions in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and draws from scholars, UN and other international organization practitioners, NGO/civil society representatives and government officials.