ACUNS members come from diverse fields of study and practice, including international relations and international law, trade and development, human rights, humanitarian medicine, cultural studies, media and social networking analysis; and include junior and senior levels of academics, diplomats, lawyers and legal scholars, nongovernmental and intergovernmental organization officers, government Renew-or-become-a-member-280-x-100representatives and many others.


ACUNS offers a range of benefits for members:
Global Governance buttonEvery member receives a subscription to ACUNS Global Governance journal, which is published quarterly by Brill.
All current ACUNS members are invited to submit a profile to the Expert Directory. The Expert Directory is part of our ongoing efforts to help disseminate information about our members’ work and activities. If you are a current member and would like to be included in the database, please complete the online sign-up form.
Quarterly newsletter buttonMembership includes a subscription to the ACUNS quarterly newsletter.
ACUNS members may request a UN Grounds Pass to access meetings, conferences, research libraries, etc. in New York and Geneva.
Members are invited to promote their recent publications through ACUNS Books by Members and Book Talk Podcasts. In addition to posting on the website, Podcasts are featured in the monthly E-Update and Books by Members are featured in both the E-Update and Quarterly Newsletter.
All members are encouraged to share their research through our online Scholarly Articles Library.
ACUNS members can share notifications of upcoming events, job listings, and new research projects. These notifications are posted on the website and shared through social media.
Members are encouraged to network with colleagues at all levels of academic, IGO, government, and NGO work at the ACUNS Annual Meeting. Members applying to present at the Annual Meeting will be given priority consideration for their proposals and receive a discounted registration rate.


calendar_zkSqwU8d_LACUNS memberships are based on the January to December calendar year.
If you join mid-year you will receive back issues of Global Governance and the ACUNS’ quarterly newsletter. If you have any questions regarding joining mid-year please contact the Secretariat at [email protected]
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