John-Mark Iyi, Humanitarian Intervention and the AU-ECOWAS Intervention Treaties Under International Law (Springer, 2016).

The book reconciles the conflicts and legal ambiguities between African Union and ECOWAS law on the use of force on the one hand, and the UN Charter and international law on the other hand. In view of questions relating to African Union and UN relationship in the maintenance of international peace and security in Africa in recent years, the book examines the legal issues involved and how they can be resolved. By explaining the legal theory underpinning the validity of the AU-ECOWAS laws, the work provides a legal basis for the adoption of the AU-ECOWAS laws as the frameworks for the implementation of the R2P in Africa.

About the Author
Dr John-Mark Iyi is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, National Research Foundation Chair on International Law, University of Johannesburg