Heung-Soon Park is a professor and former dean of the graduate school, SunMoon University, Korea. He has been active in education, research and policy developments in the fields of the UN & IO studies, and promoting the UN affairs and multilateralism in Korea and throughout East Asia. Professor Park was the president of several academic associations in Korea, including the Korean Academic Council on the United Nations System. He currently serves as a vice-president of the UNA-ROK, and a member of the UNESCO-Korean Commission, and a policy advisor to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Professor Park is a founding member of the East Asian UN networks, a trilateral 1.5 track among China, Japan and Kore, such as the UN Forum (scholars and researchers), the Conference of the UN Associations (UNAs), and Youth Forum (college students) respectively. He has had a wide experience of interacting with various Asian universities and colleges as the secretary–general of the Asia University Federation. He has recently served as the co-chair of the PKO Study group in the CSCAP (Conference of Security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific). Professor Park has published several books and numerous articles in the field of international relations, United Nations & IOs, Korean foreign policy, and peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, including “East Asia and the Role of the UN” (2018), “Multinational Approaches to the Korean Impasse” (2016), “AIIB and China’s Policy & Strategies” (2016), UN, Multilateral Diplomacy, and Korean Foreign Policy(book, 2015). Professor Park holds a PhD in international studies from the University of South Carolina (1993) and LLB from KyungHee University, Korea (1977). He was a fellow of the ACUNS Summer IO Studies in Hague in 1995.