The Global Forum

  • Parliaments in Global Governance
    • Christer Jönsson and Anders Johnsson


    • Set to Shake Up Global Economic Governance: Can the BRICS Be Dismissed?
      • Diana Tussie
    • The Responsibility Not to Veto: A Genealogy
      • Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer
    • Does Counterterrorism Trump Human Rights? An Analysis of US Foreign Aid Hearings Pre- and Post-9/11
      • Jessie G. Rumsey
    • The Global Political Economy of Fractured Regions
      • Anna Ohanyan
    • From Norm Contestation to Norm Implementation: Recursivity and the Responsibility to Protect
      • Cecilia Jacob
    • The Role of the External in Local Peacebuilding: Enabling Action—Managing Risk
      • Jannie Lilja and Kristine Höglund
    • Global Governance and the Interplay of Coordination and Contestation: The Case of Renewable Energies in the South
      • Wolfgang Hein and Lars Holstenkamp
    • Risky Business? The Energy Charter Treaty, Renewable Energy, and Investor-State Disputes
      • Kyla Tienhaara and Christian Downie
    • US Politics and the United Nations: A Tale of Dysfunctional Dynamics, by Alynna J. Lyon
        • Martin S. Edwards
      • Human Rights in Global Health, by Benjamin Mason Meier and Lawrence O. Gostin
        • Joel E. Oestreich