The Global Forum

  • Value Clash: Civil Society, Foreign Funding, and National Sovereignty
    • Gerald Steinberg and Becca Wertman
  • Banning the Bomb: Inconsequential Posturing or Meaningful Stigmatization?
    • Kjølv Egeland


  • The FIFA Scandal and the Distorted Influence of Small States
    • Matthew Louis Bishop and Andrew F. Cooper
  • ASEAN and Regional Responses to the Problem(s) of Land Grabbing
    • Julie Gilson
  • Regional Governance and Global Governance: Links and Explanations
    • Arie M. Kacowicz
  • Exploring the Role of Alternative Energy Corporations in Ethical Supply Chains and Corporate Peacebuilding
    • Natalie Ralph and Linda Hancock
  • Applying Universal Jurisdiction to Civil Cases: Variations in State Approaches to Monetizing Human Rights Violations
    • Steven D. Roper
  • Global Labor and the Arab Uprisings: Picking Winners in Tunisia and Egypt
    • Ian M. Hartshorn
  • Lessons for Effective Governance: An Examination of the Better Work Program
    • Paul Alois