The Global Forum

  • Global Governance, the United Nations, and the Challenge of Trumping Trump (143–149)
    • Bruce W. Jentleson
  • How to Manage Interorganizational Disputes over Mediation in Africa (151–162)
    • Laurie Nathan


  • The Rise of Measurement-driven Governance: The Case of International Development (163–182)
    • Jacqueline Best
  • Forging Soft Accountability in Unlikely Settings: A Conceptual Analysis of Mutual Accountability in the Context of South-South Cooperation (183–204)
    • Taekyoon Kim and Sojin Lim
  • The G-20 Since the Global Financial Crisis: Neither Hegemony nor Collectivism (205–224)
    • Tom Chodor
  • West Africa’s Ebola Pandemic: Toward Effective Multilateral Responses to Health Crises (225–244)
    • Obinna Franklin Ifediora and Kwesi Aning
  • ASEAN as a Community of Managerial Practices (245–264)
    • Ki-Hyun Bae
  • Pathways Toward a Global Standard for Transparency in the Governance of Energy Resources (265–284)
    • Gonzalo Escribano
  • Makers, Takers, Shakers, Shapers: Emerging Economies and Normative Engagement in Climate Governance (285–306)
    • Sikina Jinnah
  • China and Global Energy Governance: Integration or Confrontation? (307–326)
    • Shuqin Gao