The Global Forum

  • Choosing the Ninth United Nations Secretary-General: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
        Ramesh Thakur
  • A Moral Argument for the Mass Defection of Non-Nuclear-Weapon States from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Regime
    Thomas Doyle

Special Section: The Power of Numbers in Global Governance

  • Powered and Disempowered by Numbers: Data Issues in Global Governance
      Isabel Rocha de Siqueira, Christopher C. Leite, and Monique J. Beerli
  • What Do Big Data Do in Global Governance?
    Hans Krause Hansen and Tony Porter
  • Symbolic Power in Development Politics: Can “Fragile States” Fight with Numbers?
    Isabel Rocha de Siqueira
  • The Power to Count and the Stakes of Counting: An Inquiry into the Quantified Production of Humanitarian Insecurity
    Monique J. Beerli
  • The Social Life of Data: The Production of Political Facts in EU Policy Governance
      Christopher C. Leite and Can E. Mutlu


  • The UN as an International Mediator: From the Post–Cold War Era to the Twenty-First Century
        Tetsuro Iji
  • Extending UN Peacekeeping Financing Beyond UN Peacekeeping Operations? The Prospects and Challenges of Reform
      Katharina P. Coleman
  • Localized Development Gaps in Global Governance: The Case of Disaster Risk Reduction in Oceania
      Simon Hollis