The Global Forum

  • The John Holmes Memorial Lecture: Representing the United Nations—Individual Actors, International Agency, and Leadership
    • Manuel Fröhlich
  • The Relationship Between the ICC and the UN Security Council
    • Louise Arbour
  • A Banner Year for Conventional Arms Control? The Arms Trade Treaty and the Small Arms Challenge
    • Paul Meyer


  • Re-balancing the G-20 from Efficiency to Legitimacy: The 3G Coalition and the Practice of Global Governance
    • Andrew F. Cooper and Bessma Momani
  • South Africa and Abusive Regimes at the UN Human Rights Council
    • Eduard Jordaan
  • Local Norms Matter: Understanding National Responses to the Responsibility to Protect
    • Melinda Negrón-Gonzales and Michael Contarino
  • Francis Deng and the Concern for Internally Displaced Persons: Intellectual Leadership in the United Nations
    • Ingvild Bode
  • China Joins Global Health Governance: New Player, More Medicines, and New Rules?
    • Pak K. Lee and Lai-Ha Chan
  • Trust in Global Health Governance: The GAVI Experience
    • Desmond McNeill and Kristin Ingstad Sandberg