• Editors’ Note (pp. 1-2)
    Roger A. Coate and Craig N. Murphy
  • Democracy: A Newly Recognized Imperative (pp. 3-11)
    Boutros Boutros-Ghali
  • Governance in the Twenty-first Century (pp. 13-43)
    James N. Rosenau
  • Dealing with the Displaced: A Challenge to the International Community (pp. 45-57)
    Francis M. Deng
  • The New-Old Disorder in the Third World (pp. 59-77)
    Mohammed Ayoob
  • The New United Nations Politics of Peace: From Juridical Sovereignty to Empirical Sovereignty (pp. 79-97)
    Michael Barnett
  • Review Essay: Global Governance and Political Economy: German and French Perspectives (pp. 99-117)
    Alfredo C. Robles Jr.