Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy
University of Trier, Germany

Areas of Expertise
Diplomacy, Ethics and Leadership, Global Governance, Human Security, International Affairs, International Organizations, Peacekeeping,Secretaries-General, The Responsibility to Protect, United Nations

Manuel Fröhlich holds the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy at Trier University since 2015. He also worked at the universities of Kiel and Jena where he established a program for the study of International Organizations and Globalization. He is an elected board member of the German Society for Political Science and editor of the German Journal of Political Science (Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft). Fröhlich also served for various terms of office on the board and research council of the German United Nations Association. In addition to that he is a member of the program committee of the Edelstam Institute of Education for Human Rights and International Affairs as well as co-founder and editor of the book series ‘The United Nations and Global Change’ (Nomos). Prof. Fröhlich was awarded fellow status of the NRW School of Governance in 2009 and was invited to give the John W. Holmes Memorial Lecture by the Academic Council on the United Nations System in 2013. In 2014 he received the presidential teaching award of Friedrich-Schiller-University (Jena). He has published several books and articles on a range of issues from the United Nations and global governance to the political philosophy of international relations and the role of individuals in world politics as well as the transformation of sovereignty, the responsibility to protect and peacekeeping. For a complete list of publications and more information see