“La justice française vers l’indépendance, pressions politiques, contraintes internationales et réformes” (French Justice towards Independence, Political pressures, international constraints and reforms)

Yves Beigbeder

This french-language book by Yves Beigbeder was published by the Paris publisher French justiceL’Harmattan in early September 2013. It describes and supports the evolution of French justice towards independence, as backed by international conventions, Charters and principles of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. The book recalls the complexity of French judiciary institutions, and their “entourage critique” (their critical surrounding), – judiciary and lawyers trade unions, NGOs and medias, and summarizes a few political/judiciary “affaires”. France’s respect for its obligations under international or European human rights pacts and conventions it ratified, is assessed in often critical reports of committees created by these instruments and in judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Finally, the book refers to French constitutional and legislative reforms of 2010, and proposes new institutional reforms intended to reinforce the independence of French Justice.

About Yves Beigbeder

Yves Beigbeder, a long-term ACUNS member, is a former WHO and UNITAR official. He has written numerous books on international criminal justice and UN organizations. In 1946, he worked as a secretary to French Judge Henri Donnedieu de Vabres at the Nuremberg trial.