Gabriel Cardona-Fox, Exile within Borders: A Global Look at Commitment to the International Regime to Protect Internally Displaced Persons (Brill, 2019).

Twenty years after the introduction of the UN Guiding Principles for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons, very little is known about their effectiveness in altering state behavior towards their displaced populations.

In this book Gabriel Cardona-Fox takes a systematic and global first look at patterns of commitment and compliance with the IDP regime. Through the innovative use of statistical analysis on all documented cases of displacement and an in-depth case study of Colombia’s evolving response towards internal displacement, this book identifies the domestic and international forces that drive some states to institute and comply with these guidelines.

Exile Within Borders fills an important gap in the literature and moves the debate over the regime’s effectiveness beyond anecdotal evidence.

About the Author
Gabriel Cardona-Fox, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, is an Associate Fellow at the Bologna Institute for Policy Research at the Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies in Europe.  He holds an MA form Johns Hopkins SAIS and a BA from Princeton University.  He previously served as Senior Monitoring Expert at the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre in Geneva.