ACUNS Executive Director, Dr. Alistair Edgar, sits as a member of the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group to the President of ECOSOC. In March, Dr. Edgar attended the 2016 ECOSOC Partnership Forum “From commitments to results: Leveraging partnerships for the 2030 Agenda” at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The forum featured two interactive panel discussions. The morning discussion focused on “Breaking the silos: Cross-sectoral partnerships for advancing the SDGs”. It examined how cross-sectoral partnerships can leverage the power of integration for the achievement of the SDGs. The afternoon session, in response to the GA resolution on “Towards Global Partnerships”, focused on “Improving the governance of multi-stakeholder partnerships for the 2030 Agenda” and discussed ways to promote shared governance of multi-stakeholder initiatives, including through transparency, accountability and building trust. (read more about the Forum here)

Following the event, H.E. Mr. Oh Joon, President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, released the Presidential Statement on the Forum.  You can read the entire Presidential Statement here:  PDF Download Button