Visiting Lecturer
Leibniz University Hannover, Institute for Political Science


Areas of Expertise
Early Warning and Disaster Risk Reduction, International Organizations, Refugees and Displacement, UN Human Rights System, Human Rights, United Nations

Region of Focus

Luise Druke Bio January 2018
Scholar and practitioner in political science with focus on international affairs and human rights law
Founder and President of the Harvard-MIT-Uni-Hannover Alumni Akademie,
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, working experience in Italian, Russian and Bulgarian
Publications: authored/co-edited 14 books and 37 articles, see here :
Contact: [email protected],,, +49 151 172 900 90

Academic Background:
Doctor Hon. CausaUniversity Shoumen in Political Sciences and Public
International Law, Bulgaria, 2002
Dr. Phil. Pol. Sc., University Hannover (Prof. Seifert) and HLS (Prof.
David Kennedy), 1989
LL.M. International and Comparative Law, Brussels Free University, 1994
MA Public Administration, Kennedy School of Government of Harvard
University, 1987
MA Law Studies Evening Graduate program of int’l. law, Universidad De
Chile, Faculdad de Derecho, Santiago
MA Economics, Finance and Management, Webster University, St. Louis, 1983
MA Staatsexamen, Lehramt an Gymnasien, Pol.
Wissenschaften./Germanistics,Univ.Hannover , 1976

Diplôme De L’Institut Européen Des Hautes Etudes Internationales (+ Certificat Etudes Superieure (CEE), 1997

Diplôme Diplôme de la Langue et Civilisation Francaise, Sorbonne, 1973
Licence D’Enseignement, Teaching degree, Université De Paris VIII, 1973

Professional Background: Nearly 30 years in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headed
offices /operations/missions in Europe, South East Asia, Central Asia, South America/Central America and Africa

2005–2006 On leave at MIT to complete and publish the UNHCR research
project on “Refugee Policy in EURASIA”

2000-2005 Representative, UNHCR Branch Office for Bulgaria, Sofia,
periodically UN Resident Coordinator a.i. in Bulgaria

2000 (6-9) Senior Regional Legal Advisor a.i., Bureau for Europe, UNHCR
Headquarters Geneva
2000 (1-5) UNHCR Research Scholar, Graduate Institute of Int’l. Studies,
Geneva, Department of Intl. Protection, UNHCR

1997-1999 Head of the UNHCR Office for Kazakhstan, Almaty/Astana
1997-1999 Head of the UNHCR Office in Portugal, Lisbon
1990-1994 Senior European Affairs Officer/Acting Regional Representative,
Reg. Office to the EC/EU, Brussels; Belgium
1989-1990 Emergency Management Officer a.i (Early Warning Project),
Headquarters Geneva; Switzerland
1989, 7 – 9 Coordinator, Namibian Repatriation Operation o/m in Luanda
Angola and missions to Windhoek, Namibia
1989, 1 – 7 Acting Deputy Regional Representative o/m in Stockholm, for the
Nordic Countries; Sweden
1986-1988 On study leave for completing postgraduate/doctoral work at
Harvard University, USA
1985-1986 Deputy Representative in Tegucigalpa; Honduras, Central America

1983-1985 Head of Sub-Office for Chile; Santiago
1981-1983 Area Desk Officer, Regional Bureau for Asia, Headquarters Geneva;
1979-1981 Head of Sub-Office for Singapore; Singapore (co-created DISERO:
Disembarkation Resettlement Offer)
1978/1979 Associate Resettlement Officer; Regional Office for South East
Asia in Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia
1977/1978 O/m for implementing education programs for Southern African
refugees in Sierra Leone and Senegal
1977/1978 Associate Program Officer, Education and Resettlement Section,
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland

2011-2012 Visiting Research Harvard Law School, IGLP, wrote last book
‘Innovations in Refugee Protections…’
2006 Visiting Scholar Center for International Studies, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT)
2004-06 Fellow Program on Human Rights & Justice, MIT, wrote ‘Refugee
policy in Eurasia’
2000 Research Scholar Graduate Institute of Int’l. Studies (HEI) & UNHCR’s
Dep. of Intl. Protection
1987-88 Visit. Researcher Harvard Law School, Diss: Preventive Action for
Refugee Producing Situations
1988 Associate Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
1999-00 Associate Center for International Affairs, Harvard University,
1987-88 Fellow Center for International Affairs (CFIA) Harvard University

Semester courses including undergraduate and graduate levels include:
2018- Visiting lecturer at Leibniz University Hannover for the
Tagespolitisches Colloquium‘ at the Institute of Political Science open
for all courses of study and students in the Guest and Senior Studies
2008-16 Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement (HILR): On the UN, the
European Union, French Literature
2007-12 Suffolk University, Boston : On the United Nations, Preventive
Diplomacy and Humanitarian policy
2005-06 Harvard Kennedy School: “Conversations with Practitioners” Series
and Seminars on “UN and humanitarian issues”
1993-94 Boston University on the European Campus Brussels, Dep. On
International Relations in evening study program
1992-97 Institut Du Droit De La Paix Et Du Développement, Université Nice :
Chargé de Cours on UN and EU policy and law
1989-97 Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Université
Nice: Chargé de Cours on UN and EU policy & law

Summer Sessions :
2002 & 2005 Academy of European Law, European University Institute,
1993 & 1995 Institute of Int’l. Public Law & Int’l. Relations,
University of Thessaloniki
1996 & 2004 Hague Academy of International Law, Public International
1997 Int’l Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, Human Rights Study
1997 Centre International de l’Enseignement des Droits de l’Homme dans
les Universités (CIEDHU)

Present/Past memberships include:
MIT/CIS Steering Committee Co-Chair of the Inter-University Committee on
International Migration, MIT Center for Intl. Studies
CERMES Int’l. Scientific C’ttee, Centre for European Refugees, Migration &
Ethnic Studies, New Bulgarian University, Sofia
DGVN Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen e.V./ United
Nations Association
CESS Central Eurasian Studies Society, Davis Center for Russian and
Eurasia Studies at Harvard University
ACUNS Academic Council on the United Nations System, and UN Studies
Working Group, Advisory Board
AAA Association of Attenders and Alumni, The Hague Academy of
International Law
ASIL American Association of International Law

Honours and Awards received include:
2015 Honorary Diploma for Humanitarian engagement for persecuted people
in Chile, signed by the President of Chile
2004 Certificate by the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) in recognition
for service as Regional Director for Europe
2002 UNHCR Golden pin in recognition of 25 years of distinguished
service on behalf of refugees
1981 Nobel Peace Prize Certificate in recognition of devoted refugee

Recent Publications
Innovations in Refugee Protection: Including Case Studies on IT Communities in Humanitarian Operations, Vietnamese Boat People in Singapore, Chilean Exile and Namibian Repatriation. Peter Lang Academic Publishers: New York, Frankfurt. 2013.

Academics and Practitioners, Mobilizing Academic Involvement for UN Humanitarian Action, Journal of International Organization Studies. 2010 – Volume 1, Issue 1;

Recent UN Studies Initiatives, in UN Studies, Umrisse eines Lehr-und Forschungsfeldes, ed. Manuel Froehlich; The United Nations and Global Change of NOMOS (series). 2008, pp.193-209.

Refugee Policies in Eurasia: The CIS Conference and EU Enlargement Process 1996-2005.

Published by UNHCR, Research Paper No. 129 in the Series New Issues in Refugee Research, and MIT Program on Human Rights and Justice (PHRJ). 2006. and

Dean Martha Minow’s final remarks at Dr. Druke’s Innovations in Refugee Protection book talk, March 6, 2014, Harvard Law School:

It is a fantastic chance to have a window on Luise’s remarkable work and also to learn what it takes to draw lessons from this challenging work. I want to thank you for your presence in our community and for sharing your insights informally and in the book. Everyone here [in the room] has moved once or more in [their lives]. You know how dislocating that is. Imagine if it’s under the circumstances that produce refugees. Imagine if it’s in the circumstances where you have no confidence about your future. [What are t]he prospects of actually providing real assistance under in those circumstances with[in a] quickly changing political environment. What is the role of law? What is the role of any kind of rights? It is a great idea. This book will actually demonstrate what it actually looks like to make rights and law mean something on the ground. I am honored by your presence here.

And I want to commend the Library here for its support of this work and next time you are in the library and see someone working really hard, they may be working on a book as great as this one.

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Participation in the ACUNS AM in The Hague