University Teacher in International Politics & Security Studies
University of Sheffield


Areas of Expertise
Diplomacy, Global Governance, Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, The Responsibility to Protect, US Foreign Policy, Non-Traditional Security, International Affairs

I undertook my PhD in the School of Politics & International Studies at the University of Leeds. My thesis was entitled: “Liberal vanguards and the sustainability of the solidarist international society typified by the Responsibility to Protect: The P3 states and the United Nations Security Council
in Côte d’Ivoire, Libya and Syria (2010 – 2012)”

The thesis’ contributions are: theoretical through the conceptualisation of ‘sustainability’, ‘liberal vanguardism’ within international society and the distinction between ‘non-interference’ and ‘non-intervention’ within the R2P normative framework; and empirical in the form of documentary analysis of 112 UN Security Council records and the conducting of a series of semi structured elite interviews with serving diplomats.

Recent Publications

Recent ACUNS Activity

ACUNS was a great help to me when I was planning and conducting research at the UN in New York in 2014, and I hope to return again soon. I am also keen to attend an annual ACUNS conference in the near future.


Updated October, 2017