Denise Garcia

Publisher’s Summary

There has been substantial change and progress in international relations in the last decade. Change has occurred in the least likely realm: the one closest to the national security of states where they manage their arms. Within this sphere, an indicator is disarmament diplomacy, which has seen tremendous transformation.

Far-reaching negotiations have led to sweeping innovations in the making of international treaties and agreements that have an impact on saving lives and improving human security. Ground-breaking vision have either led to the creation of treaties and agreements on arms restraints and prohibitions of use, or initiated novel processes of regime building in order to establish new prohibitions or multilaterally-agreed restraint and transparency on how states manage their arms.

This book examines the evolution of international treaties, regimes, and emerging norms on issues that are closely associated with the security of states. It aims to determine moral and normative progress in international relations by investigating three cases: the Arms Trade Treaty; the ban on cluster munitions; and, the international regime on small arms and light weapons and the attempts to curb the resulting armed violence.

The book argues that these new treaties and initiatives are moral security regimes propelled by the compelling force of previously existing International Law normative frameworks, namely Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law.

In this study, Garcia anticipated the Arms Trade Treaty (at the time of writing, it did not exist) and examined the process in depth, mainly its origins and International Law aspects. The Treaty is now in place and was just opened for signature at the UN in NY in June 2013. The Treaty is indeed an important landmark for international relations and international law.

The book is an account of the first comprehensive legally binding treaty on all conventional arms, and other novel security related international treaties.

About Denise Garcia

Denise LaponDenise Garcia is the Sadeleer Research Faculty and Associate Professor at the Political Science Department and the International Affairs Program at Northeastern University in Boston. She is the author of Small Arms and Security – New Emerging International Norms, Routledge 2006/Reprinted 2009; and Disarmament Diplomacy and Human Security – Norms, Regimes, and Moral Progress in International Relations, Routledge 2011/reprinted in 2012.


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