Hisayo Katsui, Disabilities, Human Rights and International Cooperation: Human Rights-Based Approach and Lived Experiences of Ugandan Women with Disabilities (The Center for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities Publication Series Number 8, 2012)
Disabilities, Human Rights and International Cooperation - Human Rights-Based Approach and Lived Experiences of Ugandan WThis study investigates human rights-based approaches of international cooperation towards the equality of persons with disabilities in Uganda. It applies a participatory research approach by which persons with disabilities played meaningful roles throughout the research process. The focus of the study lies on the lived experiences of Ugandan women with disabilities, in particular those of deaf women on the grassroots level. Among the questions studied are the various perceptions of ‘human rights’ among the actors in development cooperation activities as well as the possibilities of persons with disabilities to be involved in the building of their society, based on non-discrimination, in conjunction with international and development cooperation. On the basis of case study findings, an empirical theory of a human rights-based approach to disabilities and international cooperation was established.

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About the Author

Hisayo Katsui is a Sylff fellow from the University of Helsinki. She is currently a research and development manager at the Abilis Foundation in Helsinki, a development fund founded by people with disabilities in Finland in 1998. Its mandate is to support the activities leading to the empowerment of disabled persons in the developing countries of the Global South.