About the Foundation
The Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) aims to shape policy responses to the complex challenges arising in a globalised world. Its overarching goal is to contribute to worldwide peace and sustainable development based on social justice, human dignity and a respectful approach to the environment and natural resources.

The Foundation sees itself as an international forum for shared independent and creative thinking on urgent peace and development issues. It brings together present and future policy-makers and practitioners, their advisors, academic experts, civil society actors and the business community in a structured dialogue. In so doing, it mediates between different sectors, spheres of life and political levels and between academics, policy-makers and civil society. The Foundation makes it a priority to include views and perspectives from the Global South in the political debate.

Its global governance perspective is fundamental to the Foundation’s agenda. The Foundation turns attention in particular to the coordination, cooperation and, indeed, competition between the local, national, regional and global levels and between state and non-state actors, in order to address the urgent problems facing the world and shape the future in a responsible manner. It also explores forms of resistance to global cooperation and examines alternative models.

The Development and Peace Foundation is a cross-party organisation funded by the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony.

Established: 1986

“The Development and Peace Foundation was founded on the initiative of Willy Brandt. The key impetus was provided by his work as chairman of the North-South Commission, whose report – entitled North-South: A Program for Survival, published in 1980 – set out a vision for partnership between North and South. The Brandt Report highlighted the interests common to all people and nations, and called for a new definition of North-South relations and the globalisation of politics. Since then, the need to give political shape to the “One World” concept has permeated the world’s consciousness. In 1985, Willy Brandt was honoured in New York for his commitment to the Third World. At the award ceremony, he declared that national attempts at crisis management were no longer an adequate response to the global dimension of the problems. It was this award ceremony which prompted his initiative to establish the Development and Peace Foundation.”

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