Professor and Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Criminal Justice
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Criminal Justice


Areas of Expertise
Women’s Rights, Violence Against Children, Violence Against Women

Region of Focus
North America

PhD University of Toronto Sociology, 2001
MA University of Toronto Sociology, 1995
BA York University Sociology/Law & Society 1994

Recent Publications
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Dawson, M. 2015. Canadian trends in filicide by gender of the accused, 1961-2011. Child Abuse & Neglect 47: 162-174.

Recent ACUNS Activity
Dawson, M. 2017. Patterns in femicides of older women in Ontario, Canada, 1974-2012. Pg. 8-15 in Femicide (VIII): Abuse and Femicide of the Older Woman. Vienna: ACUNS.