Listen Give Initiative


Areas of Expertise
Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Governance, Globalization, Green/Sustainable Energy, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, Indigenous People, International Organizations, Journalism, Media and Communication, Oceans and Law of the Sea, Poverty and Inequality, The Private Sector and Private-Public Partnerships, United Nations, Women, Peace and Security

Region of Focus
Central and South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe, North America

I am a co-founder of an organization where our organization focuses on Sustainable Development Goals as it relates to:

Youth & Education
Men/Women & Family
Health & Economic Viability
Climate & Sustainability
Business/Tech/Music/Film/Literary to provide solutions in the above areas

We provide papers that provide solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals.  Through project collaborations with parties and entities we foster solutions for Sustainable Development Goals same.