DuganHugh Dugan
Founder, Truce Foundation, of the USA; ACUNS Board of Directors

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Hugh Dugan of the Truce Foundation explores the historical origins, subsequent resurgence, and contemporary relevance of the Olympic Truce – a sacred tradition originating in Ancient Greece. Adopted with the aim of bringing an end to active hostilities during the Olympic Games, this message of peace would become integral to the staging of consecutive contests, enabling the safe travel of athletes and spectators.

In the early 1990s, the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations publicly renewed the hallowed agreement, as part of broader efforts to promote the principles behind what can be thought of as the world’s longest peace accord. Discussing modern applications in Bosnia and Korea, Dugan encourages one to consider the historical messaging power of the Olympic Truce, as well as its modern institutionalization as a globally recognized mechanism of peacebuilding.

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Hugh Dugan, Background

Hugh Dugan currently serves as a member of the ACUNS Board of Directors, for a second term having served previously in 2001.

Mr. Dugan has held civic leadership roles in activities related to youth, sports, culture, and foreign affairs. The International Olympic Committee honored him with its Centenary Medal for his role in reviving the Olympic Truce for the modern era; he then founded the Truce Foundation of the USA that awards Olympic leadership (www.trucefoundation.us) through gifts of statuary. He served as President of the Fletcher School Alumni Associations of Washington, DC and of New York City. He served as vice president and treasurer of SOS Children’s Villages (USA), part of the world’s largest youth services non-profit; as treasurer of the Dance Perspectives Foundation producing the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dance (six volumes; Oxford University Press, 1998);  and as chair of the world’s largest YMCA branch (in New York).  He and his wife support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  He sat on the Bermuda International Affairs Council and continues to support the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Mr. Dugan holds degrees and honors from The School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University (BSFS), The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (MALD), and The Wharton School of Business (MBA).  He interned on Capitol Hill, the British Parliament, the American Samoa Government, and the Saudi Arabian Embassy (Washington, DC).  He has a fluency in
Spanish. He has been Adjunct Professor of Diplomacy and International Relations at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University, and is a popular lecturer to university groups.

Recorded September 2012