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cristian Director

Professor of Private International Law, Law School, Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

Cristián Giménez Corte joined the United Nations, Office of Legal Affairs, General Legal Division in 2010 where he is currently serving as Legal Officer. In this role he provides legal advice, assistance and support concerning the day-to-day activities of the United Nations, including its regional commissions and peacekeeping missions. During his UN career he has held several positions including, Legal Officer, Office for Outer Space Affairs; Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer, Office on Drugs and Crime; Drug Control Officer, International Narcotics Control Board.Previously he was partner at Alemandi, Alessio and Gimenez Corte law firm in Sante Fe, Argentina. He received his PhD in Law from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina in 2007 and completed Post-Doctoral Studies at Columbia University, Law School, New York (2012-2013).

His books include Usos Comerciales, Costumbre Jurídica y Nueva Lex Mercatoria en América Latina [Commercial Usages, Customary Law and Lex Mercatoria in Latin America], ( Ábaco Editorial, Buenos Aires, 2010) and The International Drug Control Conventions, Compilation of Drug Control Treaties (United Nations, New York, 2009)